Eyes On Glaucoma 2024

Eyes On Glaucoma 2024


June 15, 2024

The Event Has Concluded

Thank you for attending Eyes On Glaucoma 2024!
We hope the sessions and discussions provided you with valuable insights, enhancing your expertise, confidence in diagnoses, and innovative treatment strategies to better care for your patients.

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Unlock the 2024 Glaucoma Report: Exclusive Access

Discover groundbreaking insights from hundreds of eyecare professionals in our latest survey on advancements in glaucoma diagnostic techniques, treatment, and management strategies. Exclusively unveiled at Eyes On Glaucoma 2024, you, as an attendee, will be at the forefront of accessing pioneering research and therapeutic options.

Discover the Steps of Co-Managing Pediatric Glaucoma

Embark on a journey through the world of pediatric glaucoma! Discover how optometrists become vital in navigating through classifications, diagnostics, and groundbreaking treatments. From early detection to collaborative care with pediatric ophthalmologists, each section unveils thrilling insights into saving young eyes.

Gain Insight into Glaucoma's Impact on the Ocular Surface

Glaucoma meets the ocular surface – a realm of profound implications for patient comfort and treatment outcomes. This article delves into the intricate relationship between these two conditions, offering valuable insights into their interplay and management. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and enhance your clinical practice.

Learn 5 Clinical Pearls for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

Embark on a journey through the groundbreaking landscape of glaucoma treatment with SLT! This article is your passport to the exploration of cutting-edge ophthalmic innovation redefining patient care. Join us as we plunge into the depths of SLT's evolution, unravel its mechanisms, and unveil clinical pearls that hold the key to unparalleled treatment outcomes.

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Designed for ambitious optometrists and ophthalmologists, Eyes On Eyecare Courses are must-watch, bite-sized lessons that let you go at your own pace. With fresh topics introduced monthly in both CE/CME and Non-CE/CME formats, you'll have access to top-tier education to ensure you stay ahead with the latest insights and techniques in eye care.

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Unlocking Tech Excellence in Eyecare

Explore the Interventional Mindset series, your guide to embracing cutting-edge technology in your practice. This educational journey offers practical, step-by-step guidance to elevate patient care and expand your practice. Dive into insightful videos on topics like cataract surgery and glaucoma management, tailored to boost your confidence and revolutionize patient outcomes.

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